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Galician migrations : a case study of emerging super-diversity / Renée DePalma, Antía Pérez-Caramés, editors - xxviii, 302 p. ; gràf., taules ; 25 cm

Chapter1. From a Land of Emigrants to a Land of Immigrants? The Complex Realities behind a Common Perception.- Part I: Galicians abroad .- Chapter2. The role of Galician Centers in the Promotion of Galician Culture Abroad.- Chapter 3. `Cando chegamos o Unai Estei' (When We Arrived in the USA): Literary Representations of Galician Migration to New York in the First Half of the 20th Century.- Chapter4. The ties and emotions of emigration: An analysis of personal correspondence.- Chapter5. Galician Political Refugees in Portugal during the Civil War and Post-Civil War Era (1936-1945).- Chapter6. A Theme Park in Early 20th Century Galicia: A Case Study on the Globalized Visions of "Indianos".- Chapter7. The Grandchildren of Galicia: Lived and Imagined Citizenship.- Chapter8. The Galician diaspora in the 21st Century: Demographic renovation as a response to the economic crisis.- Part 2. Strangers among us.- Chapter9. Migratory trends and their relation to specific policy regarding migrations in Galicia.- Chapter10. The changing role of women in transnational families living in Senegal and Galicia.- Chapter 11. "It's a better life here": Romanian Roma perceptions of successful integration.- Chapter12. The Muslim Minority in Galicia: Trajectory and Demands.- Chapter13. Gendered Mobility Strategies, Labor Market in a Context of Economic Crisis in Galicia.- Chapter14. School, Family and Migration: Toward an understanding of differential (de)construction of gender identities.- Chapter15. Cape Verdeans in Burela: Women's Empowerment through gendered cultural practices.- Part 3. Forging the new, multicultural Galicia.- Chapter16. Participatory citizenship initiatives as a crucial factor for social cohesion.- Chapter17. The Neo Project: An educational radio program to promote social cohesion.- Chapter18. Immigrant Perspectives on Linguistic and Cultural Preservation.- Chapter19. A view of Linguistic Landscapes for an Ethical and Critical Education.- Chapter20. Immigrant women in situation of gender violence: Towards improving communication with public service providers through interpreters.- Chapter21. Collaborative Initiatives Between Immigrant Associations and Schools.- Chapter22. Communicating about migrations, dismantling prejudices: an experience of social journalism linking Galicia and Morocco.

This focused case study analyses the roots of super-diversity in a place where immigration is an emerging phenomenon, Northwestern Spain (Galicia).

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Emigració i immigració--Galícia



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